the neighbourhood forum

The Neighbourhood Forum is a constituted group of residents, local businesses and community representatives working on preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the area.  The Forum is open to anyone who lives or works in the Neighbourhood Area.  If you’re interested in joining  please email  You can download a copy of our application to Hackney Council here.

The Neighbourhood Forum currently consist of 61 members, these are listed below and live or work at the locations illustrated:

CNRP founding members june 2014_for report

Andreas Eckmann

Annemarie Walsh

Bethany O’Brien

Candy Horsbrugh

Carol Ackroyd

Cliff Hammond

Damian Patchell

Dan Gibbons

Emma Jack

Emma Keyte

Euan Mills

Georgina Chimmarrides

Gilbert Smyth

Gillian Drinkwater

Gunes Tavmen

Helen Morris

Ian Freshwater

Ian Rathbone

Jean John

Jim Segers

Joanna Wilson

John Little

John Norman

Jon Aldenton

Jon Clifford

Karen Gordon

Kathryn Bromwich

Lara Kinneir

Lee Coney

Liam O’Hare

Lorenzo Bakewell Stone

Lorraine Hart

Louisa Ziane

Lynne Troughton

Malgosia Eaden

Maria Chalidze

Mark Whyte

Matthew Brown

Miriam Robinson

Molly Greenwood

Monica Blake

Monique Cherry King

Nicola Helgesen

Peter Young

Phililp Brunner

Remy Zentar

Richard Vaughn

Rob Elliot

Robbie de Santos

Roger Lansdown

Rose Greenwood

Rye A

Saleem Siddiqui

Sharon Patrick

Siraz Izhar

Susanne Rauprich

Tilly Fowler

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    1. Hi Andrew, the Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for us to write planning policy for Chatsworth Road and the surrounding area and consider the future of the neighbourhood over the next 10 years. The market is one aspect of this, but there is a lot more we can influence. Come to one of our workshops and we can talk about it more.

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