Are there enough places for people to work locally? do some workplaces need protected from redevelopment? What do you think the neighbourhood plan should say about jobs?  This is what you said:

  1. “Apprenticeships are the best way for local young people – Electrics, IT, mechanical and aeronautical engineering.  > 19years – it all costs money to learn”

  2. “Speak to TSM on 38 Chats – web site says 21yrs + and 3 yrs clean licence contract for 2 years £55k per year – also Basement office space could be rented out cheaply”

  3. “Protect current workshop/creative spaces and identify more”

  4. “Redundant spaces – right space (size, rent , use, apprenticeships and training (get trainers to come here!)”

  5. “Spec of buildings – waste energy materials local and sustainable”

  6. “Investors – ethical local lending – Fair Finance”

  7. “Stop stealing all the backs of the shops on Chats”

  8. “Save all the back alley workshops and create some too – back of Chats Palace”

  9. “You can become a place that creates jobs/apprenticeships for local young people”

  10. “Make spaces for workshops – for professionals (cycles, carpentry) not artist studios.

  11. “Promote the sharing economy – gifts, exchange, swap and rent.”

  12. ‘Professionals that share their experiences with schools in the area.’ ‘And other interested adults – skillshare.’

  13. Flexible work spaces +1

  14. Open up shops for emerging artists or business start-ups +3

  15. Living wage

  16. Support programme to follow on from young people volunteering at Homerton Hospital to secure jobs eg. help with writing CVs, interview skills +1

  17. Identify the area as a key skills hub to compete with Hoxton/Shoreditch etc and use this to promote the area

  18. Encourage all shops and business owners to get involved in local apprenticeship scheme

  19. Set up a local jobs board – include volunteering as well +2

  20. Keep some shops and office space for multi-use start-up scheme with local mentors

  21. Training and event space for use by local social enterprises

  22. Promote sharing economy – skills swapping and barter +1

  23. Working class jobs! Not just for arty/brainy types. Small manufacturing spaces? Encourage apprenticeships +3

  24. Get business to pay into community kitties – to fund enterprise and wider community activities – Chats Rd 1% club?

  25. Make better use of estate community halls and their kitchens – cookery workshops?

  26. Free market stalls for community gardens eg Banister House, Glenarm Rd to sell their produce – ultra loca food.

  27. Develop site at rear of Chats for container based artist studios

  28. Find ways of supporting every local business to take on at least 1 apprentice

  29. Love the Sunday market in Chats Rd – it helps the local economy +3

  30. Opportunities for young people

  31. East side of Brooksby’s Walk – cultural quarter

  32. Jobs for locals in local area!!

  33. Love the idea of NANA – could there be something similar for young people?

  34. Convert vacant buildings to free-to-use art spaces

  35. Apprenticeship positions to be a market trader – from school leavers/young unemployed

  36. Need people speaking to each other and spaces to do it which spark sharing skills and jobs being created

  37. What will break the ice and get people together?

  38. Set up a timebank – skill sharing for people of all ages – link with Homerton Hospital

  39. Cafes/restaurants teaching/training

  40. “Better advertising for local skills – dog walkers, babysitters, builders, plumbers, cleaners etc. +3” “Links to forums for elderly/disabled etc.” “Skills sharing hubs in disused units or out of hours in others.” “Apprenticeship schemes? Training opportunities.”

  41. Try to promote local ownership and employment in businesses. – Employees to team up with further education schemes so people can, if they wish, obtain qualifications.

  42. Youth unemployment charter – schools, colleges, businesses

  43. “Keep jobs for Londoners and shop spaces for local people, not foreign investors of large companies!” “Is there anything in London owned by Londoners at all?” -2

  44. No trendy bars, no chains… anything left? +2

  45. Keep out East End trendy companies – like Borough Wines and Blue Tit hairdressers, from opening trendy – brands – chains on Chatsworth Rd.

  46. No to Tesco, Costa, Nandos +5


One thought on “Jobs

  1. No specific place for the subject of this post so I am placing a copy in each of the 5 sections where comment has been invited.

    The Chatsworth Road map delivered to me in Trehurst Street recently omits Hackney Marsh from its area of responsibility and I can’t find a map of any sort on the website. Is the omission of the Marsh oversight or deliberate decision?

    If deliberate, how does the Forum propose Chatsworth residents will have their say in management of this large and very important green open space? I am thinking of, for example, the Council’s plan to stage large public music events with noise, visitor influx and safety & security impacts in local streets, now being consulted by Hackney Council; or use by local residents for leisure & recreation, or landscape and biodiversity matters?

    The Marsh is much more than an extended set of football pitches; 12 months ago Hackney Marsh User Group carried out a detailed eclogical survey within a 30,000 square metres (3 hectare) area on the east fringe of the playing fields, and identified over 200 species of plant or tree. The unfortunate fact of low usage and knowledge of the Marsh is an opportunity to deal with social and health issues of residents who live within the Chatsworth area on the very edge of the Marsh.

    A serious representative forum must take responsibility for these aspects or be perceived as a coterie of small businesses and initiates of the society of the machiato & the babaganouche, vital to our local economy as these are.

    David Rees
    52 Trehurst Street

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