Are there enough affordable homes in the area? Are we worried with the quality of new homes being built? What do you think the neighbourhood plan should say about housing?  This is what you said:

  1. “Repair and replenish old sites”

  2. “individual entrances for council homes”

  3. “High quality community infrastructure – high speed community broadband”

  4. “De-velopment – Redevelopment

  5. De-molition – Reuse

  6. De-pletion – replenishment

  7. De-cline – Revitalisation

  8. De- economy – Reconomy”

  9. “Conserve historical environment”

  10. “all developments over x – 50% on site renewable”

  11. “Against mansard roof extensions – maintain building lines!”

  12. “Love the quiet – traffic restrictions”

  13. “people moving to Walthamstow and Leyton”

  14. “All new houses to have solar installations – renewable solutions!”

  15. “Gentrification of some streets – leads to class/colour divisions – invisible estates!”

  16. “Large houses too expensive”

  17. “Issues around staying in schools

  18. “Maximise renewable and local carbon sources – identify areas”

  19. “Become shared house – transience-community suffers – renting”

  20. Families and sharers – it shifts”

  21. “What future for our children?”

  22. “Soulless homes”

  23. “Economy means people can’t buy property”

  24. “High density properties in their entirety”

  25. “Get more social private rented – used as social”

  26. “Landlords not looking after – licensing”

  27. “Better maintenance of social housing – litter”

  28. “Space standards vs flexibility – what about butterfly roof extensions”

  29. “landlord licensing” +1

  30. “Larger properties being turned into flats” – 3 +1 (pink)

  31. “Keep social housing in posh streets” +4

  32. “Private houses are standing empty, why?” +1

  33. “More housing association/LA street level housing” +3

  34. “Need a no through road sign at end of Coopersale Road”

  35. “Rents going up? Deposits for mortgage – not feasible” +3

  36. “Corner properties – sympathetic design extensions…shhh!”

  37. “Quality and building should be higher in new development”

  38. “Slope valley roofs backwards”

  39. “Allow people who already live here to have rent cap or priority on housing!” +2

  40. “What about teachers, normal incomes? Where will they live?”

  41. “Allotments?” +4

  42. “More social housing please” +3

  43. “Stop turning commercial spaces/vacant shops into flats. Open vacant shop spaces into shops” +3

  44. “Prevent workspaces, individual units being turned into housing”

  45. “Takes a long time to get a council house”

  46. “Any new builds must be built sensibly/sympathetically with existing housing” +1

  47. “Use disused spaces for housing/businesses” +3

  48. “learn from social housing new development” +1

  49. “What’s the plan for housing/flat development on Homerton High Street? Mix of affordable but not just homes…shops to service community?”

  50. “Rents going up – locals being “pushed out” of here” +8

  51. “How do we control house prices? Could a Community Land Trust work here?”

  52. “My adult sons will never be able to afford a place in this area today” +2

  53. “Marshes should be left alone” +2

  54. “My children can’t get a house in the area” +2

  55. “Importance of outside – balcony or garden” +4

  56. “Risk of cutting up small houses – need balance” +2

  57. “For such a ‘mixed’ area, feels like still a ghettoisation between East and West” +2 -1

  58. “Easy access to stairs in new buildings – promotes healthy living”

  59. “Look at restrictions on mansard roofs on butterfly roofs in particular for creating larger properties not 1 bed flats”

  60. “Little parks for new homes”

  61. “Homes? Not on marshes” +4

  62. “Marshes should be kept for football, that’s all”

  63. “Allowing residential mooring on Lea River” +3

  64. “Cap rents for students and young professionals”

  65. “Protect common ground and open spaces. No more flats/complexes without more GPs/dentists/services”

  66. “Homes? Better park?” +1

  67. “All housing (new) built to CSH6 or Passiv Haus standard of energy efficiency”

  68. “No more division of 3 bed houses to 2 3 bed flats. Stop developers ruining area” +1

  69. “Improve Millfields Park”

  70. “The menace of Permitted Development (PD)”

  71. “Can we tax estate agents on each sale? This could be turned into funds for social housing” (Excellent +1)

  72. “Developers building new residences to contribute £ to improving outdoor space ie park spaces etc” +1

  73. “Mix flats + family housing”

  74. “Stop greedy landlords squeezing into houses” +1

  75. “Be careful – some people feel alienated by gentrification” +2

  76. “Don’t close studios in Glyn Road to make flats” +1

  77. “Why can permitted development cut out green space by 60%?”

  78. “Love the poppies project + community gardening around Gilpin Square near Nye Bevan estate”

  79. “Make Lower Clapton Road a “business” zone, encouraging live/work, small manufacturing and retail – for local sustainability”

  80. “Discourage housing on Lower Clapton Road, but where housing is above shops to encourage separate entrances for each flat (no communal entrances)”

  81. “Only allow 3+ bedroom flats if they have secure outside space (back garden) and bedrooms larger than minimum size, so suitable for teenager, not just a baby.”

  82. “Require businesses fronting onto Lower Clapton Road to meet current Hackney design guidance for signs and shop windows etc. Possibly the forum might add specifications to create a “Local Identity” (range of colours, type faces etc) and provide help and support to those businesses that need it”

  83. Nobody wants an area to be run down

  84. Better standards of design of new builds

  85. People want to stay in the area, but they can’t afford the space they need – they need to extend but it’s controversial! +2

  86. New builds to be constructed in accordance with Passivhaus principles to BREEAM rating of “Very Good”. Need BREEAM process to be easier to work through

  87. Rent control for families + long term residents

  88. Locals getting pushed out by yuppies!

  89. I’d like to see some investment in shared community housing projects. There are elderly people in the community in large houses, too big for them but who would like to remain in the area. +2

  90. Better links with housing associations. We live next to a house run by Family Mosaic – they don’t seem to care

  91. “Is current development in line with local housing? Look + feel, cost”

  92. “Transient feel on Lower Clapton Road – poor conditions”

  93. “More co-op housing options” +3

  94. “Be nice to have some more allotments and/or community food growing areas”

  95. “Reduce churn!”

  96. “Hard to trade up in space – too expensive” +1

  97. “Difficult to access community activities” (Millfields)

  98. “Focus on long term investment in the market – get letting agents focus on social value”

  99. “Council make it difficult for leaseholders – don’t get things done”

  100. “More housing for middle/min wage incomes” +1

  101. “Greater renewable energy sources- solar/wind/river to serve local houses”

  102. “Better integrated residents associations – get involved” +1

  103. “Reconsider road closures to remove “ghettos”- “Haven’t enough roads been closed already”

  104. “How can we keep rents (private) affordable? Many people being priced out. Like to keep the community mixed in terms of income.” +2

  105. “Voluntary code for letting agents and landlords – focus on indie players” +2

  106. “New build homes not good enough quality” +2

  107. “Need to get community for leaseholders and residents”

  108. “Housing holding people back – no opportunities to work with managers” (on Clapton Park Estate)

  109. “Lack of transparency re: Hackney Homes /TMO”

  110. “work on gangs! Real problem here.”

  111. “More police to be seen around”

  112. “Safeguard travellers site! Leave them alone!”

  113. “Modern flat privater for kids (cheap). Where are they.”

  114. “Keep development adjacent to the marshes low rise. No tower blocks”

  115. “Parks, waterways and marshlands are an amazing asset for this community – need to make sure they are well managed and promoted environmentally”

  116. “Rent caps on social housing?”

  117. “Housing quality! Better not more”

  118. “Link housing estates with outdoors and marshes”

  119. “Like the boats” “Me too! They add a different element”

  120. “Deterioration of condition and outlook of canal/towpath since narrow boats have move in on a permanent basis. Mess.rubbish.campfires”

  121. “Need more variety of housing types” +1

  122. “Need neighbourhood plan to direct type of housing need…families, singles, cooperative housing, elderly, community” +1

  123. “Bye law to license landlords – mandatory” +1

  124. “More affordable housing” +1

  125. “Need better quality housing” +1

  126. “invisible borders between estates/private” (Homerton Streets/Clapton Park)

  127. “Community could be better integrated through shared space/allotments” +1

  128. “Link up with Hackney/Haringey housing groups – tenants rights” (Clapton Park Estate)

  129. “More work + support on the estates: social and particularly youth” +1

  130. River wharf (Hackney depot)

  131. Housing facing park (Leagrave Street)

  132. Homes on back of Daubeney Rd/Meeson St

  133. Housing site (Gilpin St)

  134. Refurb w housing (Overbury St)

  135. Care Home (Rushmore Rd

  136. New better parkland (Filterbeds)

  137. Investigate policy for live-work homes/clusters with space at ground level with a class B & C etc planning use consent covering various business ideas e.g. 124 Deptford High St

  138. Try NOT to rebuild everything

  139. % of on-site renewables for developments of more than ? houses.  Aspiration – opportunity to embrace low carbon solutions.  Low carbon development embedded in policies.

  140. Promote low energy homes, eco/perm design .  Promote use of local natural building materials – wood, clay, stone, straw, hemp. cob etc

  141. Planning permission not being adhered to – I love behind 160 + 162 Chats Rd and that property has flouted the planning laws. It is being looked into, but the property will not be changed and the original plans.

  142. Control over the splitting of houses into flats. Continual breaking up of houses will result in lack of housing suitable for families, resulting in an increasingly transient population. +1

  143. Look at planning guidance to encourage reasonable food growing space for all new housing developments.


3 thoughts on “Housing

  1. No specific place for the subject of this post so I am placing a copy in each of the 5 sections where comment has been invited.

    The Chatsworth Road map delivered to me in Trehurst Street recently omits Hackney Marsh from its area of responsibility and I can’t find a map of any sort on the website. Is the omission of the Marsh oversight or deliberate decision?

    If deliberate, how does the Forum propose Chatsworth residents will have their say in management of this large and very important green open space? I am thinking of, for example, the Council’s plan to stage large public music events with noise, visitor influx and safety & security impacts in local streets, now being consulted by Hackney Council; or use by local residents for leisure & recreation, or landscape and biodiversity matters?

    The Marsh is much more than an extended set of football pitches; 12 months ago Hackney Marsh User Group carried out a detailed eclogical survey within a 30,000 square metres (3 hectare) area on the east fringe of the playing fields, and identified over 200 species of plant or tree. The unfortunate fact of low usage and knowledge of the Marsh is an opportunity to deal with social and health issues of residents who live within the Chatsworth area on the very edge of the Marsh.

    A serious representative forum must take responsibility for these aspects or be perceived as a coterie of small businesses and initiates of the society of the machiato & the babaganouche, vital to our local economy as these are.

    David Rees
    52 Trehurst Street

  2. The only way to tackle increasing rents and prices is to hugely increase housing supply to address the dire housing shortage. The most efficient way to do that is by building taller buildings of higher density.

  3. The Area forum is too small to deal with many important housing issues, including good solutions for older people.

    I would like to see councils across London working to develop new accessible housing that would enable older people to live in chosen communities – ie with friends or others who share similar interests and would form a natural & supportive community of interest of mixed tenure – owner occupied and social /affordable housing. This approach could free up many homes that are currently under-occupied by older people. Communities of interest could be any group of people self-defining a common interest – eg friends, church, synagogue or mosque groups, Arsenal supporters, music lovers, lesbian & gay, ex-teachers, dog lovers, artists, passionate gardeners – any reasonable self-defined group that would provide a good incentive for older people to leave their current home, that’s not based on group hatred and doesn’t exclude people on the basis of wealth / class, disability, race, sexuality.

    Many older people would like to live in mixed-age communities too – it would be great to have communities of interest open to all ages (there’s just an added advantage with older people of freeing up under-occupied houses).

    Self-defined communities of interest for older people would make a huge difference to social care / NHS costs in the future, too, since good neighbours would look out for and help one another.

    Local authorities could require developers to purchase existing homes at market value to make it easier for older people to make the move.

    It wouldn’t work on a small scale – there would need to be reciprocal agreements across London boroughs – the people I’d like to live with are scattered far and wide – but it’s still something I’d like our local area to support.

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