Getting around

Do we want better pedestrian crossings? Are we happy with our cycling routes? does the one-way system work? What do you think the neighbourhood plan should say about getting around?  This is what you said:

1. Car sharing club – local one?

2. More cycle paths

3. Worry about roads, cycling on road is scary, especially with children

4.Fine adults for cycling on footpath (unless accompanied by a child – maybe)

5. Boris bikes for Clapton +2

6. Traffic survey +2 remove sleeping policemen/traffic calming/ up to date data on vehicular movement in area

7. A monorail

8. Still room for improvement but transport links are so much better than when I moved here

9.Love the 242, very good direct route        But shakes our houses on Dunlace/Clifden Rd’s (counter argument)

10. Slow down bikes on towpath and in parks +1

11. Yes – more two ways for bikes+4

12.Improve route to Marshes along Redwald/Daubeney Rd’s

13. All one way streets to be two way for bikes

14.Open/Not ??  from Daubeney Rd through Clapton Park to Kingsmead Way

15. Alternate these roads (points to Homerton High Street) with one way system (from Coopersale to Kingsmead)

16. Open through roads – reduces road rage!

17.Current bus route 242 shakes our homes – Dunlace and Clifden day and night

18.Police can’t pursue because of barriers – need emrgency route through area (around Daubeney Rd)

19.Double decker buses running on Homerton High Street please i.e. more direct routes to get around +1       Better services rather than double decker (counter argument)

20. Close part of Chatsworth Rd on Sundays +2

21. Make these two streets (?) + underpass main route from station to Chats Rd.  Add zebra crossing over Homerton High St (I presume at junction of Barnabas Rd).  Would make empty retail units on Sedgewick St viable.

22. The wall kills Brooksby’s Walk, no light.

23. The wall is beautiful but it needs to be a feature – lighting?  Find some way to slow cars here – single lane?

24. Close Chats for market +2       or 20mph enforcement       no enforcement = no point

25. Stop so many buses coming

26. Pedestrianise this sometime  (need to look at wider effect  on traffic though)  I think they’re referring to Chats

27. Close road on Sundays for market!

28. More planting around hospital it’s so bleak

29. Hospital needs to provide more parking for visitors

30. Needs crossing between tennis courts and cricket pitch (Millfields Park) +2     dangerous and hard to see when cars parked

31. 2 way for bikes +5      Yes please

32. Open up St Barnabas (Homerton High Street) church yard by putting a path through it to Homerton Grove park

33.Improve junction (Urswick Rd and Lower Clapton Rd opposite Lower Clapton Health centre) one fatal accident already           council is obilged to review junction as there was a fatal accident, have they done it? (counter)

34. Something to calm/cut traffic on High Street (I presume Homerton) and plant some trees

35.Improve junction at Millfields/Mildenhall/Lower Clapton Rd improve timing at Downs Rd/Lower Clapton Rd

36. Improve junction Chats Rd/Lea Bridge Rd

37. Need a crossing on Lea Bridge Rd (opposite Princess of Wales pub)     this crossing was promised in 2004 as part of Latham’s Yard s106 agreement    important node for movement

38. No disabled/bike access (to towpath from Princess of Wales pub, Lea Bridge Rd)

39. Improve junction at Chats Rd/Powerscroft Rd/Millfields Rd    open Millfields Rd barrier where it meets Chats Rd

40.Pedestrian crossing on Lower Clapton Rd at northern end of Clapton Pond between Thistlewaite Rd and Newick Rd   – see map.

41. No more road closure – Saratoga Rd

42. 2- way Dunlace Rd/Glenarm Rd/Blurton Rd

43. Traffic calming feature on Glyn Rd near Chelmer Rd – some people like – keeps quiet!  – see map

44. Improve pedestrian environment  – Brooksby’s Walk     new pedestrian crossing at end across Homerton High St    really awful to cross

45. Junction of Median Rd/Churchill Walk?Dunlace Rd – re-design to make cycle and pedestrian friendly     way to Dunlace Rd  Yes!  Very important +2 – see map

46.Use Homerton Grove park better   open up park   tidy up

47. Lots of kids – really dangerous on school walk (Wardle St junction with Homerton High St)

48. Hard to cross – Ponsford St junction Homerton High St    cycling hard here    no pedestrian crossing

49. Council to continue to discourage through traffic on Chatsworth Rd as during Olympics

50. Shut Chatsworth Rd on a Sunday for market. More raised areas in the road to slow down traffic and make it safer in the week +2

51. Better residential bike parking +1

52. Pedestrianise Chats Rd on market day +3

53. Do not close Chats Rd to cars

54. Traffic restrictions are good

55. More cycle parking on carraigeway not footway (as on Blurton Rd)

56. Shut Chatsworth Rd on Sunday for the market +6

57. More enforcement of traffic regulations.  People ignore one-way streets and speed restrictions +1

58. Speeding traffic on Chatsworth Rd    Tricky junction at Kenworthy Rd/Homerton High St +2

59. Keep Daubeney Rd closed

60. Divert 308 into Clapton Park like 242

61. Close Chatsworth Rd to motor traffic +1

62. Pedestrianise Chats Rd on Sundays for the market

63. Open Daubeney Road       No! it keeps it like a traffic free village.(counter)

64. 2-way cycling on all 1-ways + 1

65. Safe cycle parking in new flats     yes-unlike paradise wharf

66. More cycle lanes please

67. Overground much improved +4

68. 2011 census data 8% drive to work 9% cycle,  majority walk and public transport – prioritise! +1

69. Terrible zebra crossings on Homerton High St/ traffic lights close to Mabley Green

70. Stop the closure of “rat routes” – allow people more freedom to drive

71. Residents parking controls but at reasonable cost

72. Pedestrian crossings on Homerton High St make you wait to long for green man

73. Resident car parking is a steal tax on the motorist and is stopping residents it is expensive and stops people

74. Designated bike lines on all streets especially on one-way streets where cyclists have two-way right of way

75. Disagree with 74 above:- white lines alone don’t protect cyclists they just let drivers stop looking out for us.  Fully mixed or physical barrier

76. Enforce 20mph zone

77. Traffic easing measures for Homerton High Street, more pedestrian crossings needed (or fast light changes) +1

78.Put cycle crossing (traffic light) at end of cycle path on Glenarm/Lower Clapton Rd

79. More traffic control speed humps etc on side roads east of Chats Rd

80. A bike and car rent scheme run locally +1

81. No Boris/Barclays bikes – yes to more bike stands

82. More discipline on sticking to schedule for road works to reduce disruption

83. Too many lorries on Millfield’s Rd because of the waste disposal unit

84. Around Brooksby’s walk can be pretty dark and dodgy at night

85. Make Chats and Brooksby’s walk local traffic only

86. Improve crossings on Homerton High Street +3

87. Dangerous turning into Glenarm Rd.  Parking in the entrance of Glenarm Road should be banned +2

88. Divert 55 down Chats and re-route 488 to serve Clapton Park & Kingsmead

89. Adley St and Daubeney St – better lighting at night – safety

90. Improve paving for pedestrians.  Complete paving and replace all tarmac

91. Keep barriers in place.  They reduce crime and encourage walking and cycling

92. Have parking controls made things better or just moved the problem further on? Was there a problem?

93. More/improved crossings on Homerton High Street! +3

94. Dangerous pedestrian crossing (Coopersale Rd – see map) cars don’t stop

95. One-way system on off shoot Rds from HHS?  Mexican standoffs with traffic daily!

96. Cycle route linking St. John’s churchyard to Market Porters route including cycle crossing over Morning Lane +1

97. Dangerous rat-run.  See map

98. Should be no buses down Dunlace and Clifden Rds

99. Limited bus services in this area only the 242

100. Why does the 242 make that hugh backwards loop?

101. During day-time bus 38 is often until Hackney Central.   Very few goes until Clapton Pond! Scarce service towards Lower Clapton Rd +2

102. More cycle parking     in streets as well +4

103. 2 terrible potholes – see map

104. 308 no service Homerton Station

105. Reduce speed limit on Chatsworth Rd

106. Cars drive far too fast!!  Higher speed humps

107. One-way or no through traffic on Coopersale Rd – lots of traffic for a small street

108. All back streets Homerton way should be 2-way for bikes

109. Improve Chats Rd for pedestrians.   Journey to Homerton station is awful +1

110. More effective traffic speed control all along Chats Rd/Brooksby’s Walk

111. Roads are in a terrible state – re-surface

112. When Mare St is congested Lower Clapton’s connection towards west is totally blocked!  Alternative routes for buses

113. More connections with the surrounding area i.e. Hackney Wick, Lea Valley

114. Cycle hire and bike ability centre at Old School House – Leabridge Rd

115. Boris bikes

116. Millfield’s park cycle route should be resurfaced to avoid confusion from old markings

117. Improve crossings of Lea Bridge Rd

118. Boris bikes in Chats Rd

119. Reduce speeds, cars much too fast e.g. Powerscroft Rd & Chatsworth Rd, use average speed cameras

120. Pedestrian crossing at southern end of Brooksby’s Walk

121. Stop through traffic speeding down Dunlace Rd and Coopersale

122. Revitalise Homerton Grove

123. New pedestrian route around Homerton Hospital – see map

124. Move existing zebra crossing junction Powerscroft/Chats Rd to improve access to park – see map

125. Better signage to Homerton Hospital

126. Improve green space

127. Make perimeter roads more friendly for walking and cycling

128. Stop all cars and vans parking over pavements next to shops +3

129. Traffic is awful +2

130. One-way system should removed – see map + blocked road

131. Get rid of one-way system – see map

132. Traffic lights at Brooksby’s Walk/Homerton High St +3

133. Overground should operate longer hours. It ends too early +5

134. Bike lanes needed +2     Stop people getting pushed off bikes on Homerton High St

135. Horrible cycling connections at Hackney Central +2

136. Cycling routes through Chats to further north and east

137. Re-surface Chats Rd Speed humps should be standard… – see map

138. Traffic lights top of Millfield’s for safety

139. Have segregated cycling around Lea Bridge roundabout +5

140. Return Lea Bridge roundabout to crossroads

141. Make Lea Bridge roundabout into crossroads and build new housing and shops.  Locate bus stand to Brooke Rd

142. Pavements need cleaning up and relaying

143. Overground doesn’t run late enough +1 During London 2012 it was great! +2

144. “Pedestrians on Chatsworth Road are affected by pavement parking in front of shops.  Prevent with bollards or cycle racks along back of pavement edge”

145“Cycle racks at Homerton Grove Park”

146“Slow down traffic where the market is, maybe chicanes or one way”

147“Bus connection between Lea Bridge Road and Stoke Newington”

148“Improve crossings across Homerton Road to the overground station”

149“Reduce speed bumps and replace with better traffic calming – chicanes etc”

150 Is there enough parking at the Homerton (for staff and patients” or should people get there by public transport”

151“Need disabled people on the Neighbourhood Forum – outreach”

152“More dropped kerbs for disabled people – Yes for prams too!”

153Traffic restrictions in the area help improve community and reduce rat running”

154“Traffic restrictions force all traffic down Chats Rd when a lot of people live there”

155“Need electrical charging points”

156“More car sharing areas – promotion of sharing economy”

157“A more affordable car share scheme would be brilliant”

158“Schemes to discourage car driving and promote walking and cycling”

159“Promotion of disabled needs to make it easier to get around”


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