Are we happy with our parks and greenspaces? Do we want more allotments? are dentists and gp’s in the right places? What do you think the neighbourhood plan should say about amenities? This is what you said:

  1. “Ecological restoration”

  2. “More activities and money for young people – Pedro good job”

  3. “We do not have enough schools”

  4. “Hydro-electrical turbine – Lea bridge weir for community benefit”

  5. “Active strong neighbourhood Centres”

  6. “More information about local venues and halls for hire”

  7. “Positive provision of shared space – shops, sports venues, cultural buildings, public houses, worship”

  8. Repair Ecosystem”

  9. “Encourage more street/estate parties – everyone likes food and music”

  10. “children’s centres in the area are excellent”

  11. “importance of being able to walk to school, socialise etc”

  12. Identify key locations/sites where renewables are appropriate e.g. EDF site Millfields park for micro solar power plant

  13. A decent boozer selling decent beer

  14. More cycle parking generally

  15. Boris bike stand or more places to lock up bikes

  16. Want a childrens centres at Millfields

  17. Provide clean public toilets

  18. Make adventure playground safer for younger children

  19. Flower beds and more trees +1

  20. Circle of trees in Millfields Park -special place – more uses please +2

  21. Cricket Pavillion on Millfields +2

  22. Fix lights on Millfields Park basketball court

  23. More bins, especially on residential streets there are none so always rubbish left

  24. An enclosed dog run on the Marshes/Mabley Green

  25. Provide pavement on roadside of traffic island on Median Road

  26. Keep Lower Clapton health centre but redevelop and make better use of site

  27. Phone coverage on Daubeney Road is so rubbish. Can it be made better?!

  28. Who owns west end of terrace on Blurton Road? Opportunity!

  29. Planning permission for building 160+162 Chatsworth Rd is not being adhered to. Is this happening elsewhere?

  30. Reinstate bandstand on Millfields +5

  31. Fine those who put out rubbish on wrong day +1

  32. Culture of flytipping +2

  33. Kids playground for Millfields +3

  34. Solar power station on the roof of transformers +1

  35. Extend Leaside Conservation Area +1

  36. Bring back campsite +2

  37. Millfields Community School should have a childrens centre

  38. More places to eat in the evenings

  39. Give us a proper fish and chips!

  40. Remove Hackney pavement signage advertising billboards

  41. Create new entrances to Clapton Park +1

  42. Within the N Bevan Estate is always a lot of rubbish in front of the large bins- this causes rats and not nice to see.

  43. Seating to enjoy food purchased from market

  44. Wash streets after public building works

  45. More events and better signage for shops, square and other facilities in this part of the estate

  46. An NHS doctors surgery on Chatsworth Road?

  47. Bury telecom wires +2

  48. Opportunity to promote food growing across area +1

  49. Lollipop lady needed (Homerton High Street?)

  50. Enforce rubbish clearance from canal boats. Mooring facilities?

  51. Stop dumping dunlace/elderfield corner

  52. Permitted development is too much. Gardens are too small

  53. Campsite back +4

  54. Lack of connectivity- cut off from rest of area +2

  55. A ‘Tour de Clapton’ bike race?

  56. Dangerous dogs +1

  57. More bins in the street – might help dog poo problem

  58. Dog poo bins with bags

  59. Change Daubeny Rd council garages into allotments

  60. Improve upkeep and landscaping of parks +2

  61. Have events in the parks

  62. More estate/street parties +1

  63. Invest in new planting, play and hills in Clapton Park

  64. Clean canal as much as cleaned during olympics +3

  65. More upkeep/improvement of park +1

  66. Allow houseboats to stay in local area and develop community

  67. The campsite was a brilliant addition to this area and put Chatsworth Road on the map long before this ‘trendy wave’

  68. Too much litter left after football +2

  69. Improved links for pedestrians to river and in/out of Sherry’s Wharf estate

  70. Parks! we love them! +4

  71. River frontage

  72. More organised sports sessions

  73. Sports spaces

  74. Keep the marshes free of large music events- The Radio 1 event caused huge damage

  75. Too much dog poo+7 Start campaign

  76. Move Hackney Waste Depot to industrial site and re-use space for sports centre or something

  77. Garbage collection leaves more garbage! More containers and collectors should be more careful while cleaning

  78. More youth projects

  79. Engage with Rushmore School

  80. More trees on underplanted

  81. Keep the snooker hall which used to be a cinema, for leisure/community use. A community cinema, kitchen and bar would be nice.

  82. Convert old paddling pool (in MIllfields) into a piazza for old people playing Boule

  83. Need better doctors – later opening – polyclinic?

  84. Need a dentists +1

  85. More could be made of Millfields in the summer

  86. Want better facilities at Millfield playground

  87. Make something of building at end of Mildenhall Road, beside Clapton Ponds

  88. Playground on Millfields Southorn by hospital

  89. Why doesn’t Chat’s Palace advertise itself more?

  90. Need better communication between community orgs and projects- newsletter for the area please

  91. Community Creche? (There is Stepping Stones)

  92. Support for Chats Palace – bring back its ‘geony’!

  93. More butterflies

  94. A few more bins

  95. Co-op kitchen for market traders, local producers, would be great!

  96. Film showing in circle of trees in the summer was fantastic- more of that

  97. Playground for the kids in South Millfields park +6

  98. More trees and flowers on Chatsworth Road

  99. Encourage cafes and restaurants to have free wifi to attract business

  100. Open up adventure playground so that it can have a positive effect on green space beside, which needs revitalised.

  101. Make more of proximity to ice rink, riding centre, golf course and help make them better

  102. Lots of good little community projects going on. Make more of social media and meetups to get them together and to publicise to wider community

  103. Enforcement- 1. bike theft, 2. small planning issues (not just Tesco)

  104. Tree planting on Millfields Park from Leabridge Rd angle- to hide hideous substation site

  105. Make it more politically unacceptable to let your dog shit on the streets

  106. Yearly arts festival

  107. Connectivity between east and west Chatsworth Road

  108. Close the road for the market / No way!

  109. Snooker Hall- what about a Sunstone type gym and swim pool?

  110. make adventure playground and green space beside more of a destination and nice to sit in and feel safer

  111. More could be made of library

  112. Lea Surgery frontage needs improved

  113. Public events eg. fairs

  114. More table tennis tables and shops to old bats and balls

  115. More spaces for people to put on interesting activities

  116. Natural bathing pond? Could one of the existing filter beds be converted? Or something nearby? +2

  117. Chats Palace looks rather grotty against new schools and housing. Need major facelift or high profile anchor tenant.

  118. Clapton has some busy cycle lanes. We should promote – bike parking, workshops, ‘cycle through’ coffee and bakery stops.

  119. Private gym/sports facilities, encourage health and fitness

  120. Gardening clubs and shed where people can hire tools and get tips and help each other

  121. Create better links with Lea Valley Park and nature reserve (as much is in Waltham Forest, Hackney residents don’t hear about events)

  122. Seating areas along Chatsworth +6 / -1

  123. Brooksby Toilets open for community purpose or cool bar!

  124. More trees. Plant trees on Brooksby’s/Chats and more

  125. In the middle of the Clifden and Dunlace block, there is an area for sale. Could be artist’s workshops or allotments. NOT more isolated mews housing.

  126. Flood lights on Clapton Park

  127. Work with Rushmore School. Develop community use facilities.

  128. Tree planting/greening along Homerton High St. (make it nicer to walk/cycle along) Hub around library? +1

  129. Rework this area (between Roding and Daubeney Road) of Homerton High Street. Could there be a community hub cafe offering dedicated work experience/apprenticeships with an outdoor garden for young children with a sit in sand pit / natural climbing frame..etc…

  130. Don’t want high street chains / Why not? Employment and lower priced food for low wage earners

  131. Hi speed community broadband

  132. Street cleaning during olympics v. welcome. More street cleaning please

  133. The market has hugely improved business for shops / And outpriced others!

  134. Table tennis tables on Millfield Park

  135. Improve communication- consult/involve local residents

  136. Renewable energy – NO NUCLEAR!

  137. We feel Chats Palace to be terribly underused. Bad management possibly.

  138. Existing dental practice on Homerton High Street looks dreadful. Could we have a larger practice that appears fit for purpose to the whole community?

  139. Tea/coffee morning (Chats Palace?) with IT training to reduce digital divide +2

  140. Hot desking shared office hub in chats palace current photographic studio

  141. Brooksby Walk toilets to re-open

  142. Chats Palace- more events eg. gigs, nights eg. Like the Mill@Walthamstow ESOL classes, OAP groups- Bring it to life!

  1. Chats events need far more publicity

  2. Chats Palace needs to be valued and nurtured as our community arts space. Funding must be secured for an advertised site and programme manager. This is the space where all members of this community should feel welcome and where events and activities could be provided to break down barriers and develop sharing/ownership +1

  3. Better publicising of local/community events- centralised advertising point- online, physical. Currently just stumble across things

  4. Dog wardens need to be actively at work in the area- too many owners just dont clear up the dog poo +3

  5. Stolen bikes regularly for sale. Where are the police?

  6. Chats palace could more valued and promoted more.

  7. Lots more opportunities for young people. Need to consult formally, informally but specifically with young people. They need to have a stake in what’s going on.

  8. Chats palace admin may need to be more  self promoting. Pro-active.


5 thoughts on “Amenities

  1. No specific place for the subject of this post so I am placing a copy in each of the 5 sections where comment has been invited.

    The Chatsworth Road map delivered to me in Trehurst Street recently omits Hackney Marsh from its area of responsibility and I can’t find a map of any sort on the website. Is the omission of the Marsh oversight or deliberate decision?

    If deliberate, how does the Forum propose Chatsworth residents will have their say in management of this large and very important green open space? I am thinking of, for example, the Council’s plan to stage large public music events with noise, visitor influx and safety & security impacts in local streets, now being consulted by Hackney Council; or use by local residents for leisure & recreation, or landscape and biodiversity matters?

    The Marsh is much more than an extended set of football pitches; 12 months ago Hackney Marsh User Group carried out a detailed eclogical survey within a 30,000 square metres (3 hectare) area on the east fringe of the playing fields, and identified over 200 species of plant or tree. The unfortunate fact of low usage and knowledge of the Marsh is an opportunity to deal with social and health issues of residents who live within the Chatsworth area on the very edge of the Marsh.

    A serious representative forum must take responsibility for these aspects or be perceived as a coterie of small businesses and initiates of the society of the machiato & the babaganouche, vital to our local economy as these are.

    David Rees
    52 Trehurst Street

  2. I think the shops and markets would benefit a lot from a free cash machine. Personally, I don’t often have loose change with me, and don’t end up buying my groceries on Chatsworth Road while I’m there because I don’t have enough cash and think it’s wasteful to use the cash machines that charge a fee. On Sundays, I imagine people would do twice as much shopping at the markets, if they could draw money when they got there.

  3. Absolutely agree with Zosienka. Especially on a Sunday I hardly ever have cash, would definitely buy more if there were cash points!

  4. Is there a reason why there are no speed bumps on Millfields Road east of Chatsworth Road, adjacent to Millfields Park South? Every other road in the area has speed bumps but this road. It means cars race along it unimpeded. It looks as though there used to be speed bumps but they’ve been removed. It seems a very poor decision by the council as children use this road to get to Mandeville school. Can we get them reinstated?

  5. I have a wonderful suggestion, one which I am sure many would agree with. Please could all posh people sod off with your superior attitudes. We don’t care where you go. Hampstead Heath maybe? Somewhere where Jake and Lucy have ample room to explore on wonderful sunny days. Oh the adventure. Perhaps if you made an effort to integrate, there would not be this antipathy towards you, but you haven’t. You open cycle shops and jean shops where jeans retail at £200, and poxy pizza places where they don’t even serve Coke! Just stupid home made ginger beer! And stupid cafes where they do not even do proper chips! And why do all of your establishments have this ‘stripped down’ look as though the floor needs a varnish? it’s terribly odd. Why can’t you be normal – or go back to where you come from?



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