Reminder- Forum meeting on 12th August at Chats Palace, 7:30-9pm

Join the rest of the Forum this Wednesday at Chats Palace for what might be one of the last Forum meetings in producing this plan. We’ll be discussing the Draft Policies and talking through next steps before the big public vote in the Autumn.

We need as many of you as possible to come along on Wednesday, to take a look at these policies and consider how they might affect you and our neighbours in the area.

By the end of the evening we want to make sure that we have talked through any policies that you think might be problematic or controversial and to have compiled your thoughts on these. The draft document will then be edited based on your feedback.

We have policies in five main areas: Homes, Jobs, Shopping, Amenities and Movement.

In order to make our time together on Wednesday as useful as possible we’d like to ask you to take a look through the DRAFT PLAN and write down 3 policies you particularly like and 3 policies you would like us to discuss more critically at the meeting. If you don’t have time to look through the plan you can look through the policy summary sheet.

We hope to see you on Wednesday. We are excited to have the draft plan completed and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

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