Workshops complete!


Thanks to all of you who came to our workshops in February and March. We’ve finally managed to go through all your comments and get them all typed up. We had about 200 people come and contribute over 550 comments.  You can read each and every comment under the relevant heading of ShoppingGetting aroundJobsAmenities and Housing and you can see a map of roughly where all attendees live here.

The next step will be to get together with the Neighbourhood Forum to see how we can translate these comments into policies which we can include in a draft Neighbourhood Plan.  We envisage this to take a couple of months as we’ll need to look into what evidence we need to justify each policy and check we are compliant with Hackneys Local Development Framework.

Once this is done we’ll give everyone that chance to look through all the policies we’ve written and vote on the ones you want to prioritize.  If you want to be more heavily involved with the forum and translating everyone’s comments into policies you need to  join the Neighbourhood Forum and come to our next meeting.  This is simple – just Email  with your name and postcode and we’ll formally add you to the Forum.

One thought on “Workshops complete!

  1. I was very hopeful for the return of a market to Chatsworth Road but I’m afraid to say the result has not matched my hopes. As a certain local writter wrote in Guardian earlier this year the ‘market has cheeses you need a mortage to buy’ and lots of other little trinklets that only a certain section of our new neighbours could afford to buy. Of course word has spread to others and now we have an invasion of ‘yummy mummies’, ‘graphic designers’ et al every weeekend. I look out of my window at them passing by and morn for the passing of a great opportunity to create something that could have brought together the WHOLE of this area, but instead we’re another part of London suffering financial apartheid through the backdoor of gentrification.

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